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Check where in Sardinia you can fulfill your vacation dreams.

In each one, there are accommodation offers waiting for you - houses, apartments, and many additional attractions.

Southeast Sardinia Villasimius, Costa Rei, and surrounding areas

Villasimius is the main tourist resort in this part of the coast. It serves as a good starting point for exploring both the southern and eastern parts of the island. The coastline is very interesting, with picturesque steep cliffs and secluded beaches surrounded by rocks, known as "Cala" in Sardinian, hence the name of almost every beach starting with the word "cala". While spending your vacation in the Villasimius area, you can enjoy many beautiful sandy beaches, which may have some rocks here and there, offering underwater attractions. You can also visit the nearby Costa Rei - the Royal Coast, explore the island's capital, Cagliari, and spend evenings in the lively town of Villasimius during the season.

Northeast Sardinia
Olbia, Emerald Coast, La Maddalena

Olbia is a famous tourist resort, one of the main cities of Sardinia and also a transport hub - there is a large port accepting ferries from the mainland and an airport. It is a great starting point for exploring the eastern and northern coasts of Sardinia
   The famous Emerald Coast [Costa Smeralda] and the most beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean - Arcipelago La Maddalena are nearby.


The eastern coast and the Gulf of Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei, in Italian Golfo Orosei, is a large, breathtaking gulf in the central part of the eastern coast of Sardinia. It is a place where the sea and mountains come together in a special way. If you love exotic seas, trekking, and climbing, this is the place for you! And if you're not a fan of mountain hikes, you can still have a beautiful and more relaxing vacation here.

From the land side, the gulf is surrounded by the highest mountains of Sardinia - Gennargentu. They offer extraordinary and scenic tourist routes, some of which lead to unique beaches that can only be reached by boat or by hiking through the mountains, such as Cala Luna or Cala Goloritze.

Northwest Sardinia, Alghero region

Alghero is a beautiful city full of history and art, with strong Iberian architectural influences and a local dialect that closely resembles Catalan. The name of the city means "full of seaweed", and while algae and seaweed can be found on the beaches, they are regularly cleaned. While spending your vacation here, you can relax on beautiful beaches, visit numerous historical sites, stroll through the architecturally stunning squares and streets of the city, admire beautiful authentic handicrafts, such as coral jewelry, take a ride on the famous historic Green Train - Il Trenino Verde, visit one of the charming towns in this part of the island, such as Castelsardo or Bosa, and explore one of the scenic promontories jutting out into the sea, like the famous Stintino or Capo Caccia with the Neptune's Grotto.

Southwest Sardinia Teulada and Porto Pino, Calasetta

These are coastal towns in the south of Sardinia - southwest of Cagliari. This part of Sardinia remains relatively undeveloped for tourism, hence its incredible charm, naturalness, hospitality of the locals, and immense natural beauty. On many small beaches and coves, you can relax without crowds of tourists around, even during the peak season.

Southern Sardinia - Cagliari and its surroundings

Cagliari (pronounced "Kaljari" with the accent on the first syllable) is the capital of the island, a beautiful, elegant, historically rich and bustling city. The oldest part of the city - Castello - stands on a hill and is surrounded by Spanish defensive walls. From the viewpoints located on the walls, you can enjoy incredible views of the Gulf of Angels - Golfo d'Angeli. If you happen to be here at the beginning of May, you will witness the largest folk festival in this part of Europe - the famous Festa d'San Efisio.

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